Zafar Hasanov – Platfrom

Full Name: Zafar Hasanov

Program you represent: other self-funded or third party funded programs


Short Bio: Mr. Zafar Hasanov is the co-founder of the International Training and Project Center. He is also appointed as National Contact Point (NCP) for the development and support of Horizon2020 Innovation and Research Grants funded by the European Commission EACEA. In addition, he is the Project Team Leader at the Azerbaijan National Academy of Science, High Technologies Park. During his career, Mr. Hasanov has had a chance to hold different mid-level and top-level administrative, leadership and research associate positions as well as to get involved in numerous research-focused (H2020), education (Erasmus Mundus, Tempus, Erasmus+ KA2 & KA1) and business-oriented projects funded by European Commission EACEA, BP Azerbaijan, and other international organizations, to mention a few. His education and grant portfolio exceeds 34 various scale funded programs. Mr. Hasanov has completed his undergraduate degree at Azerbaijan State University of Economy. He currently holds two master’s degree from the University of Central Florida, USA and University of Cambridge, UK. He has acquired Master Certificate in Project Management from George Washington University Business School.

 Why do you want to be a board member? (200 words max.)

It is crucial to highlight the unique and exceptional opportunity the US government provides for many countries around the globe. Whereas the short-term impact of these initiatives can be measured or observed it is much harder to quantify long-term positive changes that it brings to countries, societies, communities, and people in general. Taking into consideration limited funding provided for capacity building programs those who benefit from such opportunities are relatively few. Hence, I am specifically interested in localization of international entrepreneurial experience, education programs, certifications or executive education brands by bringing them to Azerbaijan via collaborating with the alumni as well as government agencies/bodies of US active in Azerbaijan. Such endeavor will require support by the official representation of US government in Azerbaijan and will allow putting a business model focusing on education, innovation, research development, etc. as well as igniting the interest of local organizations and public bodies. Having been successful in the similar localization of different executive level education programs/certifications of US and EU I feel confident that I will be able to contribute as well as gain experience from such involvement.

What type of events and projects responding to community needs have you organized in the past? (300 words max.)

While serving at one of the top leading universities and private enterprise in Azerbaijan, I was able to enrich my grant portfolio with more than 32 funded small-scale and large-scale partnerships. My up-to-date project portfolio exceeds 7 million USD. I was often in charge of developing projects addressing the community needs and fostering human capital development in various fields. An example could be establishment of the Life Long Learning center serving the continuous education needs for the senior citizens of Azerbaijan, introduction and modernization of innovative graduate and undergraduate curricula focusing on social sciences and engineering, organization of New Idea Competition aiming to foster ICT entrepreneurship and startups in Azerbaijan, establishment of university-industry relations and serving the career development needs of the students and youth, enhancement of employability skills for people with physical disabilities and integrating them to society, development and introduction of competitive IT curricula for high-schools of Azerbaijan, Restructuring and development of doctoral studies in Azerbaijan in line with requirements of European higher education, establishment of advocacy and students’ representation at higher education institutions of Azerbaijan through Ombudsman Position, etc. The target audience of these projects exceeded tens of thousands of individuals in Azerbaijan.

What kind of projects would you like to implement at AAA during the next 2 year? (300 words max.)

I am interested to run as a board member for Professional Development Programs (Community Connections, IVLP, PFP, Hubert Humphrey, TEA, Open World). While serving at the university as the Head of Project Development Department I have established the international cooperation team that was working closely with leading world universities aiming to establish high level cooperation and partnership. An example could be the ongoing communication and cooperation with the Harvard University Faculty of Education. The short-term goal of this cooperation was to establish joint Summer School as well as capacity building of the academic faculty in relevant fields at Harvard University. The long-term goal was to establish recognition of local capacity building certification programs with the support of Harvard University. Nevertheless, following my leave of the university and due to other factors this partnership was temporarily postponed. While running as a board member I am hoping to establish similar policy level or education oriented partnerships with similar HEI’s as well as various state-level and national government agencies. More details can be provided upon request.