Israyil Alakbarov-Platform

Full Name: Israyil Alakbarov

Program you represent: FLEX’15

Work Place: Horeca Consulting & Management – Marketing Manager

Short Bio: I am U.S and U.K, educated alumnus. I have been working as a marketing manager for Headway Language&Development (B2C) and Global Industrial Events (B2B). Over this period, my team and I have developed two totally new products for language market and we have successfully led their marketing campaigns. Moreover, in Global Industrial Events, we successfully managed to organize events such as Oil and Gas Summit (Azerbaijan) and Greenshipping Summit (Greece).

Why do you want to be a board member? (200 words max.)

I believe AAA as a community has enough potential to change and shape our community. The AAA tools which can benefit elder and younger members and my main aim in being a board member is to help with the implementation of those tools.

What type of events and projects responding to community needs have you organized in the past? (300 words max.)

While working at Headway Language & Development we have organized more than 50 training 3 internship programs and other activities with a goal to help youth to improve their skills. For the last several months, I have been working on the new project – “” where our goal is to create a Q&A platform to bring people studying abroad and people who wish to proceed their education abroad together and let them share knowledge and help each other.

What kind of projects would you like to implement at AAA during the next 2 year? (300 words max.)

I believe that Azerbaijani youth have skills yet unearthed and only by providing them with numerous opportunities can we achieve great results. The projects I look forward to implementing once I am chosen a member of your organization are directed at increasing hard and soft skills of youth as those are substantially critical for gaining competitive edge in today’s world. I would make different pieces of training and seminars with professionals so they talk about their profession and their work.