Toghrul Alakbar – Platform

Full Name: Toghrul Alakbarov

Program you represent: Fulbright


Work Place: Career Coach/ Personal Development Trainer

Short Bio: Toghrul Alakbarov, 1988/Ganja,Azerbaijan. Graduated from Baku State University, International Relations Department. From 2007 I have been actively involved in youth work as president of AEGEE Baku (twice) and network multiplayer of SALTO in Azerbaijan. Moreover, I started my trainer career and have conducted more than 100 trainings for more than 4000 participants.

Why do you want to be a board member? (200 words max.)

Being honest, because I feel there wouldn’t be many people interested in this job. The notion of NGO work and giving back is still new for our country and generally it’s not understood right. I want to be a board member because I feel I have experience I can contribute to this organization. I’m proactive (too much, unfortunately) and I’m not afraid of working alone. I have a big network in Azerbaijan so I believe that AAA can expand its’ network and we can launch new initiatives. I love working with youth, students as well I have rich experience in working with international organizations. I feel like AAA need to refresh its vision and maybe try some new ideas, so I could be a source of this air 🙂

What type of events and projects responding to community needs have you organized in the past? (300 words max.)

For the last 10 years I have organized many projects, maybe more than 50 local and international events. for example, in AEGEE I have organized INFA (International Novruz Festival) and Summer Universities (both for international students). I was also working as project coordinator of YASC – Yout Activity Support Center where our aim was to create a space for all kind of youth groups to realize their projects. Moreover, I was a co-founder of Allmag, personal development journal where together with 40 students we were able to print our journals and develop our website. I have also published my book, which was about job hunting and interview processes.

What kind of projects would you like to implement at AAA during the next 2 year? (300 words max.)

Community engagement – how to give back to your country

Career selection and development – how to select a proper career pathway

Work with youth from rural areas! – many topics, projects. hundreds, if not more.

I dont like to speak much. Actions always speak louder than words

Are you a U.S.-educated Azerbaijani citizen and still not an AAA member? i’m US educated Azerbaijani citizen and i’m AAA member