Zarif Bakirova – Platform

Full Name: Zarif Bakirova

Program you represent: Fulbright


Work Place: Republican Center for Children and Youth Development

Short Bio: I have received my BA from American University in Bulgaria in Business Administration and MA from the University of Missouri in Theater. Right now I work in Republican Center for Children and Youth Development before I worked in Peace Corps Azerbaijan, Maxmedia Creative Communications and Entrepreneurship Development Foundation. From 2012 I am actively engaged in social activities. I have been part of a number of projects.I am also a trainer in non-formal education, mostly doing training on such topic as idea finding, project management and art for social change.

Why do you want to be a board member? (200 words max.) I always thought about AAA as a sort of family, there was always support if I wanted to organize some event. I think it is time to give back and support new AAA members in their endeavors and to reactivate some old members.

What type of events and projects responding to community needs have you organized in the past? (300 words max.)

Project on Career Finding and professional orientation in schools of Azerbaijan

Time for Development program. The main aim of the program is to promote civic activism among youth


Various trainings on Art for Social Change

Social Video on Multiculturalism

What kind of projects would you like to implement at AAA during the next 2     year? (300 words max.)

I would like to add more cultural projects. I work and have received education in this sphere. I think culture and arts is a good way to connect people. It is also a powerful tool for social change. I think these project could be beneficial both for existing member and also for the community.