Jeyhun Atayev – Platform

Full Name:

Jeyhun M. Atayev

Program you represent:

Professional level Exchange program – 2012-2013Hubert H. Humphrey Program


Work Place:

·       Member ofCorporate Social Responsibility Committee (CSR) of theAmerican Chamber of Commerce in Azerbaijan (AmCham)

·       Senior Sustainability Manager, PASHA Bank

Short Bio:

Education:Studied public relations and development practices at University of Minnesota School of Public Affairs(2012-2013Hubert H. Humphrey Graduate Program).

Experienceand skills:I have12 years of experience in business development,public-private partnership,corporatecommunications andprojectmanagement. My area of expertiseis corporate social responsibility and business development through non-profits.

Why do you want to be a board member?

The current times are offering exciting opportunities to allsectors to reform the country and create more sustainable economy,resilient to external factors such as changes of pricesfor oil and gas. Upon joining AAA Board,I will work to make the organization considered bypublic sector and international organizationsas an impactful organization which is invited to share suggestions and recommendations on socialreforms. I strongly believe that AAA cancontributetothefurtherimprovementof the business climatein the country. Focus should be on the issues such as education, employability and integrity. Further to various previously implemented projects, AAA has all necessary strengths and abilities to assist businesses andstate agenciesto have a more productive dialogue.My personal experience (I have spent almost 12yearsimplementing various inter-sectoral development projects, working for United Nations, OSCE,TransparencyInternational Chapter to Azerbaijan and American Chamber of Commerce in Azerbaijan (AmCham) and strong relations with key playersboth in private and in publicsectors will help to contribute to AAA activitiesand my main priority asthe Board member, would be to work on the creation of Public-Private PartnershipCouncil-to advocate for thevarious youth development and employability increase initiatives.

I know, because of my background, how to bring together diverse points of view toset the fruitful inter – sectoral cooperation for sustainable partnership. So, I hopetobring my all my previous experienceinto the future activities of AAA to make it stronger organization.

What type of events and projects responding to community needs have you organized in the past?

·       The Power of giving back project by AAA, 2013-2014(The project aimed to place 8 outstanding alumni of US Government funded education programs in three month internship in Azerbaijan State and Non-Governmental Agencies. The internships are designed to give interns practical experience and to encourage alumni to consider careers in public and non-for-profit sectors.)

·       Regional Alumni Outreach Program by US U.S. Embassy Baku (Trained youth on the following issues: self-awareness, developmental opportunities, time management, Life Long Learning and Networking).

·       WoWoman – development platform for women and youth

·       Employability for university students (coaching and mentorship for ADA and Khazar University Students)

·       Ixtisasaqirish – mentorship for schoolchildren, Secondary School # 23

·       Member of selection panel for Humphrey and Fulbright Scholarship (2014 and 2015)

·       Flexibility Academy (2014) by ACCELS Azerbaijan

·       “Azerbaijan Business Case Competition (2013, 2014 and 2015) by AAA

What kind of projects would you like AAA to implement with your support during the next 2 years?

·       Azerbaijani Civil Society Sector Assessment

·       Strengthening Employability and Career Development Centers of Azerbaijani Universities