Rovshan Abbasov – Platform



Program you represent: Fulbright Scholar


Work Place: Khazar University

Short Bio

2010 Fulbright scholar Rovshan Abbasov has been actively involved in educational and environmental activities both at the national and the international level. He is an author of more than 30 papers in peer reviewed research journals. He is one of the authors of the database for Toxic sites in Azerbaijan. This database is available at .

in 2018 RovshanAbbasov has been elected as the Multidisciplinary Expert Panel member of the International Panel on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services of the UN. Since 2012 He was a country coordinator of the Pure Earth Organization.

In 2014 and 2017 together with Pure Earth organization he started to clean two toxic sites in Azerbaijan, which are in Sumgait and Salyan.

His contribution to AAA will be through fundraising activities forenvironmental  projects.

Why I do want to be a board member:

Environmental Degradation is one of the main issues of Azerbaijan. If I will be selected, I will direct all of my activities to Environmental Protection and cleanup activities. For example, I can involve AAA to raise funds for environmental protection, for which companies are very interested in big donations. This would help AAA to become more popular and work effectively.

What type of events and projects responding to community needs have you organized in the past? (300 words max.)

  1. Sumgait Cleanup Project: Removal of contaminated soil to burial site. Because of this project more than 23000 local residents got access to clean soil and air. The cleaned site is located close to the public beach.

  2. Salyan Cleanup Project. The site was located close to the Food Storage of the Veysaloglu company.

  3. Creation of Toxic Sites Database for Azerbaijan

  4. Climate and Landscape Analysis for Children in Azerbaijan.

  5. Community based Disaster Risk Management in Azerbaijan. Available at:

What kind of projects would you like to implement at AAA during the next 2     year?

I could implement projects in most vulnerable communities in Azerbaijan which have shortage of sanitation and clean water. For example, I could organize small scale water supply or cleanup projects for several mountain communities. Many mountain communities suffer from shortage of water due to their location. These types of activities should be replaced by activities related to sustainable development and industrial activities. I suggest every small-scale community should be ready for B plans. B plans include ways of making proper management during crisis periods.