AAA Photo Contest 2018

AAA Photo Contest

Photos are the actual storytellers which pile precious memories.

Dear Alumni and Current Fellows, AAA wants to see the USA through your eyes.

The Categories

Select the photos according to below structure:

  • Places visited – Photos of you in the town or city where you are or studied. It can be photos of you with landmarks, landscapes or nature.
  • Campus life — Photos that demonstrate your University life. It can be the photos taken in the classroom, at your professor’s house, around campus, on excursions, during a field study, volunteering or interning, etc.
  • Integrating to culture – Culture and Identity matters. You can share photos of you integrating to local culture, trying their cuisine, contributing to cultural events, participating in holidays, etc.
  • My exchange experience — It can be the photos where you mostly spend/spent your time while being on the exchange, time that you think is the best experience you had, the adventure that you have enjoyed the most, etc.

Important Dates

  • The deadline for submission of your photos is December 1, 2018.
  • Facebook voting will start from December 1, 2018, and Finalists will be announced at Alumni Networking Event in December 2018.


Please submit your photos to

Photos will be approved by AAA Board before announcing publicly.



Winners will receive valuable gifts and a Certificate.

Eligibility requirements

  • Must be the U.S. studied alumni or current fellow.
  • Must be AAA member (if you are still not AAA member then please register here )
  • Photos must be high-resolution
  • You can submit three photos
  • You must provide a description for each photo (story of the photo)
  • Please take into account that photos must be appropriate – do not submit photos that feature alcohol, any drugs or related inappropriate behavior
  • Photos must be your masterpiece, do not plagiarize or use someone else’s photos.
  • AAA Board members are not eligible to apply

NOTE: By submitting your photos, you also allow AAA to use your name in conjunction with any media used to promote AAA.