Alumni Highlights

Share your good news and inspire others! 

Dear Alumni,

We know that you’ve worked hard to accomplish what you set out to do, whether it is a large goal or a relatively small goal. We all know that there are obstacles and detours between setting a goal and achieving it. We never really know when we inspire others and the changes we can help them make in their lives. You can provide inspiration and motivation to others who are struggling to achieve a similar goal.

Keep the AAA community apprised of the personal events and/or achievements going on in your life! If you would like your news/announcement published in the Alumni Highlights section of the AAA newsletter, Facebook Page and Website, please e-mail the following information to .

*Full Name

*Program you represent and Year

*Your photo (formal or non-formal)

*A short story/announcement about your Success


Please answer to the following questions in the story:

1.What is your achievement?

2.What were the hardest challenges on your way to success?

3.How did you overcome them?

4.What is the role of the exchange year in your success?

Thank you in advance!