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Sharing Box

Hello,my name is Sharing Box.I will tell you about my functions.I have very simple construction. I have only two shelves. I am a solid plastic, durable for any weather conditions and thrust. I don’t have any locks because I am open to public.People who are in need they can take any clothes,food or other things from me.Every day a lot of kind and thoughtful people share their things with the poor.I am a mediator between sharers and who is in need.I stay at the door of metros,malls,parks and other public places.Now I do not exist. One day I will be great bridge to mankind.I need your kind support to exist.

Thanks for your attention!



Dear Alumni if you wish to share some fund for implementing “Sharing Box” project please contact AykhanAbdullayev at or +994515636070 .

Thank you in advance!