Sales Manager (Sales Engineer )

Sales Manager (Sales Engineer )

Salary 1000-1500 AZN (NET)+%



Degree in Engineering/Construction

Language skills : English, Azerbaijani , Russian – fluent

Excellent inter-personal and communication skills;

Excellent organizational skills, ability to multi-task and organize others;

Excellent oral and written communication skills and ability to professionally represent the company;

Ability to develop and maintain good working relationships at all levels, including during difficult or challenging circumstances;

  1. Responsibilities and key activities


Customer relationship management

  • Accountable for developing Company’s position and customer base in the market
  • Ensures development of customer relationships, profitability, customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Approves and follows up customer plans for strategic and core1 in his/her area
  • Identifies and builds relationships to key decision makers, potential new targets and influencers


  • Accountable for leading the Sales process
  • Accountable for ensuring results (orders, contracts, profitability and market price development)
  • Sets sales targets according to market potential and FL unit guidelines
  • Ensures sales result from his/her team short and long term
  • Ensures the correct value propositions by his/her team
  • Executes and advises pricing guidelines for his/her area
  • Approves tenders and orders above sales persons limits
  • Utilizes global processes and tools for local benefit

Leadership / People management

  • Leads and coaches the sales team, manages the performance of the team
  • Ensures adequate resources to achieve the short and long term targets
  • Develops the competences of the sales team
  • Selects/appoints local team members to manage the strategic / core 1 customer relationships
  1. Performance measures

Performance measures

  • OR vs. budget, discounts / market price development, CMII pre and post calc together with


  • Development of Company position and market share in the local market.
  • Customer feedback, satisfaction and loyalty (net promoter index)
  • Value of the sales funnel
  • Accuracy of reporting and forecasting
  • Implementation and utilization of global processes and tools
  1. Competence profile

4.1 Behavioural competences

Strategic thinking (Company Leadership Competencies: Strategic and business acumen)

  • Develops strategies in accordance with the business vision
  • Anticipates future issues and difficulties and builds contingencies into their strategy
  • Modifies existing strategies to account for changing circumstances

Market and competitor awareness (Company Leadership Competencies :Strategic and business acumen)

  • Demonstrates awareness of competitors and their actions and objectives
  • Identifies market trends and anticipates developments
  • Shows an awareness of how to differentiate the organization from its competitors

Customer focus (Company Leadership and General Competencies)

  • Focuses on customer issues that have the potential for financial gain
  • Seeks out and pursues opportunities to add value for the customers
  • Takes calculated risks in order to capitalize on an opportunity

Winning through people (Company Leadership Competencies)

  • Inspires others to meet or exceed goals and objectives
  • Values and provides recognition for the achievement of others
  • Builds and maintains the team morale
  • Recognizes the key strengths and development needs of individuals and provides constructive


  • Helps and coaches others to reach their potential

Self-confidence (Company General Competencies)

  • Is confident in the face of opposition from others when expressing their views
  • Openly takes personal responsibility for their decisions and actions
  • Present themselves to others in a confident manner

Working Schedule -09.00 -18.00

Possible business trips

Registration in accordance with the requirements of the labor legislation.

Candidates are required to submit their CVs (Word format+ Photo).Please indicate the name of the position you are applying for in the subject line of the application email and send to e-mail address: