One Day walk of AAA at Yarat Art Center

Thu, 08/18/2016 - 19:44

On August 15th AAA guests and team had a special guided to YARAT Contemporary Art Space . Yarat Art Center presented AAA team exhibition works of local talented artists  "300 Words on Resistance" and "Little Lies" works of David Claerbout (Belgium) and Soren Thilo Funder (Denmark).

"300 Words on Resistance" draws from the belief that resistance is both personal and political. Seven emerging Azerbaijani artists explore their perspective on resistance, introducing themes pre-occupying the youth of the country, such as gender relations, cultural stereotypes and socio-political uncertainty. The modern works defined resistance during the Soviet era by going against the mainstream of Socialist-Realism and subverting propaganda art.

"Little Lies" is a journey through a network of white lies, disillusionment and fabricated histories. The exhibition confronts the two main political narratives of the 20th century, with the deception in everyday images, constructed personal stories and false metaphors. Little Lies belong to our everyday; they establish our understanding of a socio-political reality and influence our historical awareness.


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