The company successfully implements the works on running in and cementing an intermediate casing with total weight of 530 tons on well #78

SOCAR-AQS successfully continues drilling works on well #78 from deep-water fixed platform #6 located in Bulla field. Target depth of the well is 5900 m.

During implementation of these works the company successfully managed to run in hole, with one run, and to cement an intermediate 13 3/8” casing with total weight of 530 tons, with the help of a new-generation drilling rig, Drillmec HP 3000, a rig used for the first time in the history of drilling industry of Azerbaijan.

The rig manager, Nariman Mustafayev, shared his ideas about the drilling works going on in well #78, saying that until now, intermediate casings would be run in several stages in the company, which led to loss of productive time, excessive financial costs and additional risks.

For the first time in the national drilling industry, it was managed to run such a heavyweight casing in a deep well with only one run, by applying a new technique and technology.

“The professional drilling crew was able to complete this job successfully and within the shortest timeframe. It’s worth adding here that the cementing job was too implemented in one run”.

At present, drilling of the next section of the well is going on. It is planned that well #78 be drilled to penetrate the 8th Horizon of the productive strata, and with the next section, a gas saturated productive strata will be reached. Rock samples will be taken from the 5th, 7th and 8th Horizons with the aim to determine lithological properties of the reservoir.

We believe that SOCAR-AQS will continue to adhere to its values and will construct and deliver the wells to its customer in compliance with the requirements of health, safety and environment, without any complexities, within the targeted timeframes and efficiently.