SOCAR-AQŞ hold API Spec Q2 Certificate from American Petroleum Institute.

SOCAR-AQŞ hold API Spec Q2 Certificate from American Petroleum Institute.

SOCAR-AQS have been awarded with API Spec Q2 certificate by the American Petroleum Institute on 23rd May 2017, thus, becoming the first in the history among the drilling companies of Azerbaijan to receive such award. It is a huge achievement for the company, which opens new opportunities for development in the future.

The American Petroleum Institute (API) has been playing a leading role on a global scale in the area of creation and implementation of the standards related to oil and gas industry since 1924. API has more than 600 corporate members, who run activities in all segments of oil and gas industry.

The API Spec Q2 implementation and certification project started at SOCAR-AQS in April 2015. This specification for quality management stipulates the requirements for service supply organizations for the petroleum and natural gas industries.

Head of Management Systems department of the company, Zaur Farzaliyev, says that by getting the API Spec Q2 certificate, SOCAR-AQS have opened new opportunities for the development. “Personnel of the company worked hard in managing to establish all processes in compliance with the requirements of the standard, and subsequently, successfully passing the 2 stages of the API certification audit.

SOCAR-AQS is proud to be the first among the national drilling companies to receive such certificate. This achievement of SOCAR-AQS will increase the opportunity to enter the international market and the chances to be competitive.

Main task for them is to keep on maintaining the system in working condition and continually improve it’.