The 3rd anniversary of Wowoman Azerbaijan

“The 3rd anniversary of WoWoman Azerbaijan has been marked. The event brought together more than 400 participants, including the representatives from public and corporative sectors, as well as opinion leaders, media and platform members. U.S. Embassy Baku / ABŞ-ın Azərbaycandakı Səfirliyiwas announced “The Best Partner – 2018” and the U.S. Embassy sponsored “WoWoman in Me” project was announced “The Best Project – 2018.”
“Few people believe that all this work was done without any investment from the outside, and only by the team of volunteers who have a big passion to create something helpful and necessary for our society. From this year we are starting an active work with our sponsors and partners in order to continue developing in Azerbaijan and beyond the country” – said the founder of WoWoman Azerbaijan Zara Huseynova.