“The Day of Successor”

On December 13, 2017, within the first ever “The Day of Successor” event – Students Self-government Day at Azerbaijan University of Languages, they were honored to host Nazrin Baghirova, Deputy-chair of US-educated Azerbaijani Alumni Association.
Nazrin Baghirova conducted an interesting workshop on “The role of study abroad in life and career development|”. The event was held in the Assembly Hall of Translation and Cultural Studies Faculty. Being over 80, both the students of Translation and Cultural Studies Faculty and Education Faculty participated in the workshop. Sharing her experience both abroad and home, Nazrin Baghirova provided the audience with effective and beneficial information regarding the career development. Apart from that, she touched on how to be successful in workplace and where and how to start gaining experience during university years.
Lasting for an hour and a half, the praiseworthy workshop was followed by question/answer session.
The idea of having a workshop for the students of Azerbaijan University of Languages was initiated by Elgun Mammadov, senior student.
Once again, thanks to Nazrin Baghirova for making contributions to university by conducting an amazing and interesting workshop!