Policy Roundtables

Monthly round tables on policy issues are aimed at narrowing the gap between the youth of the country, more specifically alumni community and the governmental representative in decision-making process. The policy round tables take place in Baku. The representatives of NGOs, public and the media are also invited to participate in the round table and have a direct access to these policy makers.

Through the venue, provided by the policy roundtables, the alumni get an excellent opportunity to talk to the policy-makers (deputies, members of the Ministries, Committees, etc), bring their concerns and ideas to their attention, offer policy recommendation and suggestions on problem solving. Each round table is organized on a specific topic, such as economics, social problems, foreign policy, etc. In general, this is alumni's chance to participate in Azerbaijan's governance and development.

The list of speakers for the past round-tables:

  • Dr. Asim Mollazadeh- member of the Parliament
  • Dr. Hadi Rajabli- Chairman of the Parliament's Commission on Social Policy
  • Mr. Rahim Huseynov- Ministry of Economic Development
  • Ms. Mominat Omarov, State Committee for Women's issues
  • Dr. Rafik Aliyev- Former Chairman of the State Commitee on Religious Issues
  • Former Turkish ambassador Mr. Turan Morali
  • Former Israeli Ambassador Mr. Eitah Na'eh
  • Mrs. Maleyka Abbaszadeh- Chairwoman of the State Committee on Student Admissions
  • Dr. Shahlar Askerov- Chair of the Parliament's Committee on Education
  • Abulfaz Garayev- Minister of Youth, Sports and Tourism
  • Araz Azimov- Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Reno Harnish- Former US ambassador in Azerbaijan
  • Khazar Ibrahim - Press Secretary for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Professor Arnold Harberger - famous economist, Chief Economic Advisor to the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)
  • Mr. Johannes Linn- Executive Director of the Wolfensohn Center for Development at the Brookings Institution and former World Bank Vice President for Europe and Central Asia.
Ongoing Projects

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