Alumni Hour

AAA initiated a new project - “Alumni Hour” in order to get the project ideas of alumni and making better connection between AAA and the alumni community. Alumni Hours encourages alumni to get involved in AAA activities and sharing their ideas with their peers. This kind of events also helps AAA to receive feedback from the alumni community on association’s activities.

During the past months we meet with UGRAD, FLEX, Open World, U-Grad, TEA, SUSI, YLP, Fulbright Scholar and Fulbright Student alumni which recently returned from US and had ideas about what they can do as alumni. The participants came with various project ideas and proposals. Their projects tend to focus on tackling various social problems by benefiting their knowledge and skills that they earned in US.

AAA staff has visited Ganja city in order to meet the US-educated alumni. During the meeting the alumni living in the regions raised various issues regarding their activities in regions. All the attendees stressed importance of the opening AAA coordination center for alumni living in Ganja city. The meeting gave us an opportunity to see how we need to have solidarity in order to address the problems that the alumni community faces and also increasing their impact in the country.

Ongoing Projects

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