Organizational Structure

The new board of the US-Educated Azerbaijani Alumni Association (AAA) was elected in the General Assembly of AAA on June 2nd 2018. Currently, AAA is run by the board of 7 alumni, representing various State Department and USAID–funded and administered exchange programs including FLEX, UGRAD/MUSKIE, SUSI, B Humphrey, Military Exchange, Community Connections and YLP. The board is elected by the general assembly of the members and the term of the board is for two years. 101 alumni of different US Department of State funded programs participated and voted in the Board Elections.

AAA Board for 2018-2020


Toghrul Alakbarov graduated from Baku State University, International Relations Department. Since 2007 has been actively involved in youth work as president of AEGEE Baku (twice) and network multiplayer of SALTO in Azerbaijan. Moreover, has started his trainer career and has conducted more than 100 training for more than 4000 participants.He is a Fulbright Foreign Student Program alumnus.




Ruslan Mirzayev is an attorney with more than 10 years of experience. He is qualified to practice law in Azerbaijan and the State of New York, USA. He currently acts as Managing Partner at Adrem Attorneys Law Firm and Principal at ARBME Dispute Resolution Center. In the USA, he first studied at the Hawaii Pacific University as a UGRAD fellow and the George Washington University Law School as an Edmund S. Muskie fellow.


Received her BA from American University in Bulgaria in Business Administration and MA from the University of Missouri in Theater. Zarif has participated in Fulbright Foreign Student Program. Currently, she works at the Republican Center for Children and Youth Development. She is also a trainer in non-formal education, mostly doing training on such topics as idea finding, project management and art for social change.

Graduated the department of Physics at the Azerbaijan State University. Was twice a visiting scholar at the US universities (1996 – UAB, AL; 2006 – UMBC, ML). Has been a participant in the Fullbright Visiting Scholar Program. At the period of 1997- 2009 Hasan has been the Coordinator of the Educational Programs, and then become the director of the Ganja Branch of the OSI-AF, Azerbaijan. From 2015 he is also an expert-consultant at the different projects of the UNDP, Azerbaijan.


A women/human rights and social justice activist in Azerbaijan. She worked as a legal counsel/ trainer/expert at local NGOs for more than 12 years, basically specialized on inter-family law, domestic violence, gender, and human rights. Khalisa has taken part in the Community Connections Program. She was Gender Assessment Consultant for UNDP Azerbaijan and Project Support Officer on Legislation and Policies for the United Nations Population Fund.


An Alumna of FLEX program 2010-2011. Has volunteered to establish and lead different social programs, English conversation clubs, youth camps, FLEX preparation clubs. She took part at different international conferences, seminars and partnership building activities in Europe such as “FLEX-Ability Workshop”, “Caucasus Youth Council” etc.


She is a UGRAD alumna and has spent her exchange year in the state of Iowa at Graceland University in 2009-2010.  Jamila has worked at IREX, OSCE, Peace Corps, AMFA, AzETA Azerbaijan, BP Foundation project and currently she works at ADA University. She also holds a Master’s Degree from Istanbul Bilgi University in International  Relations.


AAA staff executes daily activities of the organization, set and prioritized by the Board and implements the projects, under the supervision of the Project Coordinator. Currently AAA staff consists of two full-time and part-time permanent employees and existing positions are as follows:

  • Accountant Miralim Seyfili 

  • Project manager Fatma Gurbanova

Dear Alumni Community,

The new board is committed to have monthly meetings, led by the chairperson of AAA. Every Board member representing the interests of different US government funded and administered programs’ alumni are ought to actively take part in the decision making processes of the AAA’s activities and development of visionary perspectives.

We encourage you to become involved at AAA’s activities and initiate projects, which would benefit majority of our members and greatly contribute to the development of our country. The Board is ready to listen to you and the Staff members are always welcoming new ideas from our alumni community. Please write us and let your voice be heard.