Organizational Structure

The new board of the US-Educated Azerbaijani Alumni Association (AAA) was elected in the General Assembly of AAA on June 1st 2016. Currently, AAA is run by the board of 7 alumni, representing various State Department and USAID–funded and administered exchange programs including FLEX, UGRAD/MUSKIE, SUSI, B Humphrey, Military Exchange, Community Connections and YLP. The board is elected by the general assembly of the members and the term of the board is for two years. 101 alumni of different US Department of State funded programs participated and voted in the Board Elections.

AAA Board for 2016-2018


Aliyar Huseynov –Chairperson

Aliyar Huseynov, Senior Associate Brand Manager of Caucasus Brand Operations at Procter & Gamble leading Direct Marketing programs and campaigns across Azerbaijan and Georgia for P&G Brands.

Aliyar is alumnus of SUSI program funded by Department of State of the United States, Board member of US-Educated Azerbaijani Alumni Association in 2013-2015 and member of ABCC Organization team. He planned and executed several social-educational projects funded by US Embassy, Azerbaijan Youth Foundation and IREX Azerbaijan. He has a bachelor degree of Management from Azerbaijan State Oil Academy.

Edmund S. Muskie/UGRAD

Nazrin Baghirova – Deputy chairperson
Ms. Baghirova is an alumna of the UGRAD program in 2002, and the MUSKIE program from 2006-2008. After participating in in the UGRAD, in the United States, she co-founded the alumni club in Ganja, which partnered with the Open Society Institute and other youth organizations to support an orphanage in Ganja, including through the provision of English language courses for the orphans. Later, Ms. Baghirova returned to the U.S. through the MUSKIE program, where she gained knowledge and practical experience on education policy and practice through three internship programs. Now working for the Ministry of Education as a chief policy advisor, she is focused on creating flexible learning opportunities and student support at higher education institutions. Ms. Baghirova’s long-time focus on education and helping to provide new opportunities for Azerbaijani youth is a great example of the important role women play in Azerbaijan.

Hikmat Novruzaliyev

Hikmat Novruzaliyev works as an Education Abroad Manager at Bilik Education Center, where he helps students plan their study abroad directions, giving advices and leading them through this process. He is an Alumnus of US funded FLEX program 2008-2009. He finished his exchange year at Sahuaro High School in Tucson, AZ. He graduated from Azerbaijan State Oil Academy, with bachelors degree in Computer Science in 2014. Along with his primary job, Hikmat has been actively engaged with AAA projects as well. In his free time he likes meeting young professionals, sharing ideas and planning startups for the future of youth in Azerbaijan.

Community Connections Khalisa Shahverdi

Kh. Shahverdi is Legal Counsel and Human Rights activist in Azerbaijan. Kh. Shahverdi was born in Jabrail, Azerbaijan. Due to armed conflict and occupation by Armenian, she became IDP in her 13th and lived and studied high school in IDPs campus. Despite all the difficulties, she was successful and continues to progress up to career ladder.

Kh. Shahverdi graduated from Riga Graduate School of Law within LLM in Public International Law and Human Rights. She has worked with several NGOs in various projects dealing with human rights, protection of women, children and disabled rights. In 2009-2010, Kh. Shahverdi prepared proposals on improvement of the Law “Prevention of Domestic Violence” and “Article 144-1 and other relevant articles of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan defining the structure of the crime of trafficking in human beings”. Furthermore she organized series of measurements on joining the Republic of Azerbaijan the Council of Europe Convention on “Action against Trafficking in Human Beings” (the Convention ratified: 23 June 2010). In 2011-2012, Kh. Shaverdi was teaching a domestic violence and gender studies to third grade classes in Azerbaijan University.

Huber Humphrey

Jeyhun Atayev


Jeyhun Atayev is Constant Member of Corporate Social Responsibility Committee (CSR) of the American Chamber of Commerce in Azerbaijan and Lead Manager on CSR, Sustainability and Outreach at PASHA Bank, Azerbaijan. He has more than 12 years of experience in project management and administration as well as public relations, working mainly for international organizations and multinational companies. Jeyhun worked for the American Chamber of Commerce in Azerbaijan, Transparency International National Chapter in Azerbaijan, the OSCE Office in Baku and the United Nations Development Program Office in Azerbaijan. His areas of expertise are business development through civil society actors, public-private partnerships and government policies towards the transparency of government communications. Jeyhun has master degree in Oriental studies from Baku State University and a Certificate in political studies from the School of Political Studies (Strasbourg, France). He earned Humphrey Fellowship in 2012-2013 and studied Development Practices at the School of Public Affairs at University of Minnesota.


Samirə Qasımova

Samira finished her second year at Qafqaz University in the field World Economy. She has been closely involved in Peace Corps activities which inspired her to apply for US State Department Programs. She has been selected as Youth Leadership Program finalist and got a chance to learn more about US while living there. Samira is TEDxQafqazUniversity Co-Organizer, United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Youth Event alumni and current Board Member at AAA.

Military Exchange

Huseyn Panahov

Huseyn Panahov is a Future NATO Fellow at the Atlantic Council, founder of the Caspian Observer – online political review journal, and editorial board member at the Public Policy Institute of Azerbaijan. He graduated with a degree in International Relations from the United States Military Academy at West Point. Huseyn has previously worked as an executive director at NATO International School of Azerbaijan and National Project Officer on politico-military issues at the OSCE Mission in Baku. Currently he is employed as a political specialist at the US Embassy in Baku. Huseyn is also a member of the World Economic Forum Global Shapers Community Baku Hub and he has been elected to the board of the US Educated Azerbaijani Alumni Association in May 2016.

AAA staff executes daily activities of the organization, set and prioritized by the Board and implements the projects, under the supervision of the Executive Director. Currently AAA staff consists of two full-time and part-time permanent employees and existing positions are as follows:


Dear Alumni Community,

The new board is committed to have monthly meetings, led by the chairperson of AAA. Every Board member representing the interests of different US government funded and administered programs’ alumni are ought to actively take part in the decision making processes of the AAA’s activities and development of visionary perspectives.

We encourage you to become involved at AAA’s activities and initiate projects, which would benefit majority of our members and greatly contribute to the development of our country. The Board is ready to listen to you and the Staff members are always welcoming new ideas from our alumni community. Please write us and let your voice be heard.