Book presentation of Theory of Law

On January 13th, 2018 our Fulbright alumnus Farhad Mehdiyev together with Emin Guliyev presented his book “Theory of Law” which is mainly intended for use in universities.

“We started writing the book since 2012. This is the first theoretical book written in a simple and understandable language in the history of law. The book may contain some minor shortcomings. Because we have started writing the book for several years, and there have been changes in the law over these years. It is impossible to cover all the science of law with a book. It’s just a base, the theory. We have tried to include the nuances that are essential in practice. In the second edition of the book, we plan to further expand some of the divisions “

We congratulate our lawyers on the publication of their new book and wish them success in their future activities!