Past Projects

The Alumni Education Forum was first launched in April 2012 with the initiative of the US–Educated Azerbaijani Alumni Association as a forum for alumni of three main US government-funded programs UGRAD, MUSKIE

On 4th of  September,  the  opening  ceremony  of  Young  Leaders’ Summer School on Education was held by Ministry of Education, Support Center for  Modern Education 

On 14 December, 2014, the U.S.-Educated Azerbaijani Alumni Association and Public Affairs Section of U.S. Embassy in Baku organized “Redefining Entrepreneurship” workshop which was conducted by prominent trainer Gary Schoeniger at ADA University.

The US-Educated Azerbaijani Alumni Association invited young students to take part in its Business Academy 2.1 project to strengthen their business analytical skills applied in the real business situations.

The US-Educated Alumni Small Grants Program (ASG) is intended to sustain the alumni community and maintain alumni activities by engaging and motivating alumni of various U.S. Exchange programs to participate in community development projects. It seeks to encourage inter-alumni networking, as well as civic engagement by alumni with the broader Azerbaijani Society. The ASG program is funded by the U.S. Embassy in Azerbaijan and administrated by the US-Educated Azerbaijani Alumni Association (AAA). The grants are open to both USG alumni groups (minimum three alumni) and individual alumni. The grant funding may not exceed $3,000 for alumni groups and $1,000 for individuals. International and local NGOs, foreign citizens and non-alumni groups are not eligible for grants.

The purpose of the Promoting Interactive Teaching through Alumni Teachers Network is to assist the Ministry of Education with the implementation of the secondary school reform. The alumni of TEA and PIE programs will lead the project.

AAA has established a Career Resource Center in April 2006. The aim of this center is to train AAA alumni as well as members of other youth organizations in such career-related topics such as job hunting, cv writing, interview preparations and others.

US Educated Alumni Association (AAA) is successfully implementing “Reach the Regions” Project since July 2008.

AAA has started a series of seminar lectures for its alumni members, university students and members of
other youth organizations. The topics of these seminars are:
• Leadership
• Organizational Design
• Work with Volunteers
• Fundraising


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